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About Langotex Group Inc

Langotex Solutions Group Inc. is a new multiservice business specializing in web and linguistic services. This young business, newly established in Canada's National Capital Region, offers a one stop shop for all your internet and linguistic needs. We make your work easier by providing you with all the services you need at the same time, since we reckon that these fields are closely linked. We know that every business start-up is challenging.

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Yet here we are, over the start-up hump and successfully launched in Ottawa! Our Group helps young businesses gain a web presence, expertly translates their documents, and trains their staff in official languages – all at reasonable prices.

Take, for example, business X, which just started its activities. It needs a website i to have an online presence and get its products known. For the site, they have to find a domain name, a web developer and a host. Rather than looking separately for a registrar, a web developer, and a host, we take over all these tasks. You save time and money.

Once the site is built, perhaps business X would like to have it translated it into other languages to gain access to foreign markets and speak to potential clients in their own languages. Business X can trust all these services – domain name registration, design, hosting, website maintenance and even translation – to the same supplier and take advantage of the numerous benefits and packages that we offer.

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What we do

For web services, we handle all tasks from domain name registration to website maintenance. We register your domain name, since we are a registrar. We create your site, since we are web developers.

Thanks to the partnerships we have built with industry giants, the Langotex Solutions group Inc. is able to offer reliable services and guarantee 99.99% uptime.

We translate your documents from all languages into French. In other words, we make your life easier. Assign us the tedious tasks that do not compromise your company's security. Bundle services and save over $20,000 per month with our four virtual service packages.

Why Langotex

One stop shop

We are a registrar, web developer and web host. You don’t have to spend long hours on the phone or the Internet looking for a company to register your domain name. You no longer have to waste time looking for a developer, since we can create your website. And you don’t have to spend time looking for a host for your site - we will take care of it all.

Good return cost/benefits

Our prices are very affordable. In fact, they're among the lowest in the industry. We work with you according to your budget and we recommend the most reasonable products for your particular business



You have posted a job offer with very specific criteria. You have received 200 résumés.

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Martin, your internal Human Resources Manager, paid at $30/hour, must screen and write to all of the candidates. He needs ten minutes to study each résumé, and respond to each candidate. That is 33 hours for each batch of 200. The company has published fifteen job offers and some of them have received more than 450 résumés. In short, for the entire month of January Martin must work full-time for eight hours a day, at a cost of $240 a day. This basic work costs your company $5,290 if Martin has to do it full-time, not to mention paid leave and other leave. By subcontracting this task to Langotex, at $18, the same work done according to the instructions Martin gives us, will cost you $3,128 per month, for a minimum of $2,122 in savings per month, more than $25,464 in savings per year. Have you imagined what you can buy for your company with this amount of money?

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Your company held a conference or meeting. You have at least 20 hours of audio or video files to transcribe each week.

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You have an assistant paid at $25/hour. She needs a minimum of six hours, or $150, so $620 just for this task. With Langotex, it costs you $120, or 480, so $1,680 in savings per year.

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Your company, university, city or training school receives hundreds of messages a day.

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You have two customer service representatives paid at $22 per hour who work full-time, or $176 per agent, $3,520 per month.

With Langotex, these same services cost you $2560/month, or 480, so $11,520 in savings per year.

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You are a large company and need full-time translators from English or German into French.

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You paid Martine $50,000 a year for English. Martine translates up to 2,000 words per day while your internal needs are 4,000 words per day, 2,000 words for English and 2,000 for French.

You subcontract the remaining 2,000 words and your supplier charges you $0.25 per word, or $500 per day, that's 11,000 per month, or 132,000 per year.

$132,000 (annual subcontracting costs) + $50,000 (Martine's salary without vacation pay and benefits) = $182,000

With the Langotex Premium Package, we provide you with two translators to translate your 4,000 words per day. The two translators will cost you $84,000 per year with quality translations, saving you more than $98,000 per year.

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We explain how your company or institution can save more than $20,000 per year.

Suppose your company has the following daily needs:



  • Managing emails
  • Tracking orders
  • Schedule management
  • Data management (entries, PPT presentations)
  • Community manager
  • Time: 10 hours
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  • Bookkeeping with Wave
  • Internet research
  • Data entry
  • PDF conversions
  • Managing correspondence
  • Posting ads in Kijiji, Craiglist and other
  • Time: 20 hours
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  • Translation into French
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Website maintenance (adding products, content)
  • Audio transcription
  • Time: 100 hours
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  • WordPress and Web development
  • Translation into French
  • Email management in French or English
  • Customer service(e-commerce)
  • administrative tasks
  • Time: 160 hours
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Our location

Telephone 1 779-545-2747

office hours Monday-Friday: 08.30-17.30

address 116 Albert St Suite 200/300
Ottawa (ON K1P 5G3)

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions